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Nolvadex (generic tamoxifen) is also known under such brand names as Blastofen, Istubal, Valodex, Soltamox , Genox, and Tamofen. Nolvadex is in the class of medicines called non-steroidal anti-oestrogens.

This medication is indicated for the treatment of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Nolvadex works by inhibiting the effects of a female hormone estrogen which is necessary for breast cancer to grow.

Use this medication as it is recommended by the healthcare provider. It is important to take Nolvadex exactly as directed. Your medical provider will prescribe the dose of Nolvadex that you need to take.

The usual dose for adults and elderly patients is 20mg to 40mg taken on a daily basis.

Nolvadex is not for the use in children.

If you miss Nolvadex intake, administer the next dose according to your schedule.

Keep Nolvadex tablets at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and light.

Before you start the treatment with Nolvadex, notify your healthcare giver if: you are allergic to any medications, you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Nolvadex can cause these side effects: headache, hot flashes, nausea, pain in muscles, leg cramps, hair thinning. Males might experience a decrease in sexual interest. If these side effects persist or get worse, inform your healthcare giver.

You need to tell your healthcare provider immediately if you experience these serious side effects: vision changes, eye pain, easy bruising or bleeding, mental or mood changes, swelling of feet, and unusual weakness, stomach or abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, dark urine, jaundice, and fever.